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What Tevera does

Tevera is designed to support field work as part of curricular activities for programs like social work. Teachers use Tevera to manage field placements, track hours and progress, deliver documents to the students, automate workflows, and track learning objectives. You can get additional information on the Tevera for Higher Education webpage.

Integrating Tevera into your course

The system office must be alerted whenever a new course requires the use of Tevera. There are things they must do in the background before Tevera can be enabled for a new course/section.

If you wish to include Tevera in your course, contact TLT. TLT will contact the system office for you. Be sure to included the course ID information and the section number where you want to use Tevera in your email.

Using Tevera

Step-by-step instructions for including Tevera in your Brightspace course are available from the Tevera Academic Knowledge Article in the Minnesota State Knowledge Base.

Account creation

Your Tevera account is created automatically when you insert the LTI link into your course.

Assessing student work

Students record their progress directly into Tevera. Some of the features includes:

  • Flexible time entry
  • Online timesheet approval
  • Visualized progress tracking
  • Built-in licensure tracking

As well as many others. There is more information available on the Tevera for Higher Education webpage.

More Information

Minnesota State Knowledge Article: Tevera Academic (KA# 2159)

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