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This article demonstrates how to move and reorder modules and topics in a table of contents (TOC) in a Brightspace course. It is intended for instructors.

Editor Basics

The Brightspace HTML Editor allows the author to create multimedia materials and posts. The HTML Editor allows for the formatting of text and insertion of media of many types.

The controls in the editor are similar to those in many other editors with the addition of means to insert media files. The image below gives a brief tour of the controls:


Of special note are the buttons in the Insert Options category. (The left end of the top bar.)

  • The first button in the row, the one that looks like a Play button on a VCR, is Insert Stuff. It is used to insert things like files (PDF, DOC, ...), videos, and ePortfolio artifacts.
  • Next is Insert Image, the one that looks like a camera. Use it to insert images from your computer or the cloud.
  • The third button is Insert Quicklink which lets you add things from the other Brightspace tools.
  • Finally, the downward pointing arrow produces a pulldown arrow that lets you all symbols, lines, and emoticons.

Check out the video on the right for a demonstration of how the HTML Editor is used in real life.

Copy and paste warning

As a general rule, always enter your materials into the Brightspace HTML Editor directly. Do not copy and paste it from another, more sophisticated editor (e.g., Word). Such content may include formatting tags that will not convert to HTML and may cause unexpected results. If you must copy content from another editor, paste it into the Brightspace HTML Editor, use the [Shift][Ctrl][V] (PC) or [Shift][Command][V] (Mac) key combination, which pastes what is on your clipboard in plain, unformatted text.

"Making use of the HTML Editor"

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