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Alertus Desktop

What is Alertus Desktop?

Alertus Desktop allows Winona State University's security and safety personnel to relay important emergency alert information to your computer.

Why is this on my computer?


WSU has detailed emergency response plans for a variety of situations. Some of these plans require immediate or instantaneous notification. That's what Alertus Desktop does - it notifies everyone of an emergency situation. Our hope is to never have to use it, but it is there if we need it.

Can I use this for anything else?


Right now, no. But we are improving the ability of the app by better integrating it into our campus emergency notification systems. That means that at some point the Alertus Desktop app on your computer may received improved functionality.

When I click on the app icon nothing happens?


That is by design. Alertus Desktop simply runs in the background awaiting a notification. It is incredibly light on resources and will not impact the performance of your machine.

Can I opt-in to Alertus on my other devices?

Alertus Desktop supports macOS and Windows. Alertus also has apps available for iOS, Android, and Chromebooks. Configuring each platform requires teamwork between Alertus and the WSU IT department. Work is already proceeding on these areas. While we currently support macOS and Windows for Alertus Desktop, we do not yet support the Alertus iOS or Android apps. Thats coming soon, though!

Where can I get more info on Alertus?

Questions about Alertus Desktop can begin with WSU Security. Contact WSU Security at 507-457-5555 or at For emergency situations always dial 911.

Where can I find more info?

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