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The Brightspace Learning Object Repository (LOR) is a set of shared materials and resources that instructors can include as content in their Brightspace courses. Portions of the LOR are open to all Winona State University instructors, while others are restricted to specific instructors, courses, and programs. Within a Brightspace course table of contents, instructors can easily search the LOR and add a selected resource as a topic in a content module.

NEW: COVID-related resources

This fall, the LOR will include a set of COVID-related resources that instructors can add to any Brightspace course. Enter COVID as a search term to select from this growing list of resources. Currently, it includes:

Title Type Description Recommended Usage
COVID Attendance Policy Page Includes sample additions to your attendance policy to accommodate students who cannot attend in-person meetings. Copy as Content
Item 2 Quiz Description 2 Dynamic Link
Item 3 Page  Description 3 Copy as Content

How to use the LOR

Consult this wiki article for more detailed, step-by-step instructions. In a Brightspace content module:

  1. Select Add Object from LOR from the Upload/Create menu.
  2. Enter a search term and select the Search button
  3. Select the item you want to include in your course and select Next.
  4. Decide whether you want to add a dynamic link to the latest version of the resource, a read-only copy of that specific version, or an editable copy of that version.
  5. Select Next and then Create Topic to add the resource as a content topic.

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