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Adversity can take many forms

When adversity happens, it can keep us from doing our jobs, whether that is working toward graduation, leading minds through the education process, recruiting future students, serving the campus family, or caring for the WSU grounds.

Sometimes it is a family member with a serious illness. Or a Minnesota blizzard. A pandemic. Fires or floods. Whatever the cause, WSU is behind you and wanting to help you succeed.


If, in spite of the problems that face you, you are still able and wanting to continue on your journey, there are some pages below that will give you answers to some of your questions. If you read them and have further questions on any subject, contact Teaching, Learning, and Technology (TLT). If TLT doesn't have the answer, there is good chance they can find it or point you toward the person that can help. You can email TLT at or call (507) 457-5240, option 3.

Here are some articles that will help you succeed in spite of the adversities.