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Intended Audience

This article is intended for instructors interested in using the Brightspace Content looking to view how individual students or the entire class is progressing through the Content area of a course.


The Content Reports tool provides instructors a way to monitor an individual student or entire class access and progress through the Content area of your course. The Content Report allows instructors to view in one spot both the individual student (i.e. User) and class access of all components found in the Content section of your courses. This report becomes very useful when you connect other D2L tools (i.e. say Discussion, Quizzes, Checklists, Surveys, Publisher Content etc.)to your Content area.

Accessing the View Progress

Access the course you wish to view the Content Report and select the Materials menu.

1. Select Content

2. Select the Table of Contents above your modules listed in the course.

3. Next, select the Related Tools button and choose View Reports.

4. By default, the Content tab will come up and provide you a summary of all student access to content areas in the course. If you choose the User tab you can view it by the individual student.

5. All data in spreadsheets (both Content and User) are links to deeper more detailed reporting if you click on the individual data point. These reports can be exported out of Brightspace for deeper analysis.

This tool is handy during advising or to check and see if students are progressing on tasks in your course to make sure they keep up with the rest of your class.

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