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Create recurring Zoom sessions when you want to reuse a Zoom meeting ID for more than one meeting session. Recurring meetings can be scheduled (e.g., biweekly on Wednesdays at 3 pm) or the day and time can be left unspecified, creating a persistent session that can be reused any time.

Schedule recurring meeting sessions

Schedule a recurring Zoom session as you would a recurring calendar entry. When creating a new Zoom meeting or editing an existing one, do the following to schedule a recurring session:

  1. Choose a day, time, and duration for the first meeting in the series (Fig 1.1)
  2. For Recurrence, choose an option (daily, weekly, monthly) from the dropdown menu (Fig 1.2)
  3. For Repeat every, choose the number of days, weeks, or months that the meeting will reoccur (Fig 1.3)
  4. For End date, choose to either end the meeting series on a specific date or after a specific number of occurrences (Fig 1.4)

Create a persistent meeting session

A persistent Zoom meeting session is one that is available to reuse at any time. Essentially, a persistent meeting session is always open. Your Personal Meeting is an example of a persistent session. When creating a new Zoom meeting or editing an existing one, do the following to create a persistent meeting:

  1. Select the Recurring meeting checkbox (Fig 2.1)
  2. Select No Fixed Time from the Recurrence dropdown menu (Fig 2.2)

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