Creating a playlist in MediaSpace

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Fig 1. Create new playlist or select existing
Fig 2. Select My Playlists

About this article

This article includes an overview of playlists in MediaSpace, instructions for creating playlists, and links to more information. It is intended for all WSU students and employees.

What's a playlist?

A playlist is a collection of media files that are often intended to be played in consecutive order. For example, rather than embedding each individual MediaSpace video on a specific topic into a Brightspace course separately, an instructor might embed a single playlist that allows students to move through that sequence of videos. Like an individual file, playlists can be embedded into web pages and Brightspace courses. Unlike individual files, you cannot provide a link to a playlist. The only way for others to view your playlists is through an embed.

How do I create a playlist?

Watch the five videos in the MediaSpace Playlists playlist for an overview of this process. You can create playlists and add files to playlists from the My Media page and from the individual file's media page:

  • From My Media: Put a check in the checkbox to the left of each file you want to add to a playlist, then select Add to Playlist from the Actions menu.
  • From the file's media page: Select Add to Playlist from the Actions menu.

You can then either create a new playlist by entering a name and selecting the Create button or select an existing playlist. Select Save to finish (Fig 1).

How do I access my playlists?

Select My Playlists from the user menu (Fig 2). From your My Playlists page, you can access all of your existing playlists, change the order of files within the playlists, delete files from playlists, delete entire playlists, and copy the code required to embed playlists into Brightspace courses and web pages.

What's the difference between a playlist and a channel?

A playlist allows a media owner to provide open access to a set of recordings, often intended to be played in consecutive order. A channel is also a collection of files, but it cannot be shared openly or embedded on a web page. Instead, channels can be shared with specific individuals or members who can be given permission by the channel owner to add content to the channel. Channels can also be configured such that anyone with a MediaSpace account can access the channel through MediaSpace and play channel content.

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