Currently Zoom Booking Policy as related to EMS

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The workflow we are following here on campus is as follows for booking Zoom events or Team meetings in a Video conference-equipped room in Outlook:


Zoom Plugin for Outlook or/and Team Plugin for Outlook

            All events must be booked in EMS first (events names and times must match)

             If events are not booked in EMS:

You may find Doors are locked (call security to unlock them)

                           HVAC may be off or set to minimal settings.

                           Limited or no support

                           There may be construction, carpet cleaning, or other facilities-related activities.

                            There might be a other meeting in progress, EMS bookings ALWAYS take Priority

                           Usage of the spaces is not recorded for statics for MINNSTATE

1. The delegate receives the room booking request. (delegate vary based on department (Maxwell 158, 160, and 151 are Thomas Hill and Stephanie Stango)

2. The delegate promptly verifies the availability of the requested room in EMS (Event Management System).  NOTE: (events names and times must match)

3. If the room is successfully booked in EMS, the delegate approves the event.

4. The event request is processed, appears in the room calendar, and controls panels in the video conferencing space

We strongly suggest that the meeting host is either in the room or attending remotely

The Zoom room enters a Teams meeting as a Guest and must be admitted by the Teams Host

There is some limited functionality using Zoom Rooms for Teams meetings.

If you have any questions regarding the inability of EMS to communicate with Outlook for bookings, please feel free to ask.