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Project Details

This project page is designed to help students within Professor Warner's course to choose among several options they may want to try to build out your stories. In this resource you will learn all about the different tools you could choose from, installing, and basics of using these tools. Our goal here is to start deciding what you want to use and then begin the process of learning how to use the tool so you can tell your own stories for this project.


All of us have created a basic presentation using PowerPoint. In this project, you may want to use this tool as you start to storyboard out your presentation. Think of this as a way to outline your story and plan for different options you might try. For others, it might be the tool you use to tell your story.

Storyboarding with PowerPoint

Making a Movie with PowerPoint

Many of the new features for creating dynamic video recordings with PowerPoint are new and really exciting to see what you can do. The following videos have been selected from the PowerPoint is Smarter video series found in LinkedIn Learning (see how to create your WSU LinkedIn Learning account here). If you are already set up in LinkedIn Learning check out this chapter from the series.


Learning Sway basics

Microsoft Sway is similar to PowerPoint, but is based entirely online and can be used to quickly create and share multimedia presentations that look great on all sorts of devices. Students should take a moment to learn the basics of Sway:

Accessing Sway

Fig 1. Select the app launcher, then Sway

All WSU students have access to Sway through our campus Microsoft Office 365 license. Just use your favorite web browser to navigate to your WSU student mail and select the apps launcher icon. Then select the Sway icon (Figure 1). If you are asked to login, use your WSU email address. You do not need to create an account. You already have one through WSU.

Finding Open Content

As you search for content to use in your videos you can find open content, that is with citation, you can use. In this video, you will learn two ways to search for different open content.

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