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How to Check Group Enrollment in D2L Brightspace

Step 1

Log into D2L Brightspace using your STAR ID and Password.

Step 2

Once logged into your course, go to Communication and Groups.


Step 3

Down below you will see a table listing all of the groups you are currently enrolled in. If you do not see any groups listed this means you are not currently enrolled in any additional groups. Below is a description of the different parts of the table.

A: Category

The title in shaded area will list the category name. This is a label determined by your instructor. It might be a type of group or the name of the assignment or project.

Group Enrollment A.jpg

B: Group Name

Below the category is the group name you are enrolled in.

Group Enrollment B.jpg

C: Members

Next to the group is the number of members enrolled in your group. Select the number to see a pop-up listing the names of your group members.

Group Enrollment C.jpg

D: Email Group

Select the mail icon to send an email to all group members.

Group Enrollment D.jpg