Draft:DLC Fall 2011 Class Projects/Pat Tomlie(EFRT308)

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Human Relations and Student Diversity

Class Sections, Location, Days and Times

  • 1 sections/11 students per section
  • Guildemeister 224
  • Thursdays
  • 12:00 pm

Project Details

  • Final Digital Ethnography on Wordpress (project description)
  • Note: Aspects of this project and its related description will change going into the Fall 2011 semester.

Training Expectations

Student should know how to:

  1. Download and add content to WordPress
  2. Link video content, created on iMovie or MovieMaker and saved to YouTube
  3. Would like Wiki backup

Software Requested

  • WordPress
  • iMovie, MovieMaker
  • You Tube

Instructions for Students

Overview of Project Video

Step 1: Developing Your WordPress Page

  • If you do not have a WordPress account, start here.
  • If you have a WordPress account or when you are done setting up your account, follow the instruction guide provide for creating a static website in WordPress.
  • Tasks: Create a secondary page, post a photo, post a pdf and create a link to that document somewhere within the page, and post a link to a You Tube video.

Step 2: Creating Your Video

I will be using a Mac:

I will be using a PC:

Step 3: Uploading Your Video

1.You will need to create a You Tube account.

2.Then upload the video file from your computer directly to You Tube you can learn this process by going to this resource

3.Copy the URL of your newly uploaded video to your WordPress page by clicking here.

Helpful Information

Additional Information

If there are any questions on any other software the students will have to make 1:1 appointments with the DLC.