Draft:DLC Fall 2012 Class Projects/Thomas Grier (MCOM 172)

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Class Sections, Location, Days and Times

Project Details

Training Expectations

Students will need to know how to:

  • Creating a new document
    • Page set-up, margins, bleeds, columns, paper size, etc.
  • Using images in a document
    • Placing images, re-sizing, cropping, transforming, clipping path, drop shadow, etc.
  • Creating text boxes, and working with text
    • Sizing, alignment, color, stroke, text-wrap, column width, indents, drop caps, fonts, etc.
  • Arranging page elements
    • Bring to front, Send to back
  • Printing
    • Color accuracy, dual-side printing, tiled printing
  • Saving a document
    • Save, Save As..., Exporting as PDF or JPG

Software Requested

  • Adobe InDesign

STAR Support

  • Jorge Burns
  • Jessica Friedrich

Helpful Information

Additional Information

Students will need to make 1:1 appointments with a DLC STAR for this support.