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Class Location, Days and Times

  • Where: Memorial 211
  • Date: Tuesday, November 29, 2016
  • Time: 9:30 am - 10:50 am

Project Details

This is PESS 132 Fundamentals of Movement. It is a required content course for all of our PE majors.

Quality physical educators not only have the knowledge and skills to be a great teacher, but they are also skillful movers. Part of being a skillful mover begins with competency in the fundamental movement skills. We have studied and practiced these skills all semester and now it is time to assess your personal skill level with these foundational, basic skills. The FMS Self-Assessment project requires you to perform and videotape 8 of these skills, and then use the footage to demonstrate your ability to use professional language as you commentate on your skill performance.

You will be performing and collecting data on 4 locomotor skills (running, jumping, hopping, and skipping) and 4 ballistic/object control skills (throwing, kicking, striking and catching). The gym will become our research laboratory, where you will travel to stations with a partner, performing and videotaping each skill. The videos will serve as your data for this project.

Your task will be to analyze your movement performances using the developmental sequences packet. Next you will choose clips that showcase your skill level and use these to create a movie. The movie will include an introductory clip where you will provide a short intro and overview of what is in your video. Next you will include clips of the 4 locomotor skills, followed by a clip of yourself commentating about these skills. Next you will include clips of the 4 object control skills, again followed by a clip of yourself commenting. Lastly you will include a short conclusion clip. I envision the final product as a 7 to 10-minute movie.


  • iPad Video Camera
  • iMovie

What We Will Cover

  • taking video with the iPad
  • uploading video to iMovie
  • editing in iMovie - providing the basics
    • iMovie for Mac
    • iMovie on the iPad
      • You will have to go in Appstore and download the iMovie app which will show as $4.99, but once you hit download it is free from Winona State.
  • saving the video file
  • uploading the video file to D2L folder


  • Shaffaq Zaveri
  • Uzma Ghazanfar

Resources/Helpful Links