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Class Location, Days and Times

  • Where: Somsen 327
  • Date: Monday, 10/3/2016
  • Time:
    • 9:00 - 9:50 am
    • 10:00 - 10:50 am

Project Details

Video a Job Interview

Proyecto colaborativo 1 (pair work): Entrevista de trabajo

This project consists of two parts:

  1. Designing a job ad based on an authentic post from an Internet website.
  2. Acting out a job interview related to the position described in the job ad; shooting and editing a video of this job interview.

1. The Job Ad: You will work with your partner to create a job ad in Spanish containing a description of 150-200 words. Your description has to be based on an Internet post for an actual job in Spain or any Latin American country. Be careful not to plagiarize the original text; your partner and you have to create your own text advertising the position. Use in your description:

a. Different examples of se impersonal / se pasivo (at least 2)

b. Examples of the vocabulary from Lección 7 in the textbook (at least 5 words)

Ejemplo: “Se ofrece un puesto de . . . / Se necesitan dos empleados para . . .”

Please include at the bottom of the page a link to the website where you found the job post. You could use either Google Docs or One Drive to share work and collaborate with your partner.

2. The Job Interview If you work in pairs, one of you will play the role of the interviewer / employer and the other will be the candidate applying for the position in your ad. (Given that our class has an uneven number of students, some of you will have to work in a group of three; two of you could play either the interviewers or the candidates). Formal Address: Remember that, in order for your interview to be culturally appropriate, you must address each other formally by using the “usted” pronoun.

Duration of your recorded interview: 5-6 minutes (pair work); 8-9 minutes (groups of 3)

These are the parts that I recommend you include in your interview:

A. Greetings and introductions

B. Questions related to the job asked by the interviewer (the candidate’s degree/s, skills, job experience, proficiency in other languages, experience with team work, etc.)

C. The candidate’s answers need to be complete sentences; he/she should also volunteer information relevant to the questions.

D. Questions asked by the candidate related to work schedule, salary, opportunities for promotion, benefits, etc.

E. A way of wrapping up the interview.

As with the job ad, you are also required to incorporate in your conversation vocabulary and grammatical structures studied in Lección 7 of Imagina:

  • A minimum of 10 words or expressions related to work
  • Grammar: pretérito perfecto (para hablar de la experiencia del aspirante y para las preguntas del empleador; ejemplos: “He trabajo en dos compañías de seguros”; “¿Ha estado usted alguna vez en un puesto de mucha responsabilidad?”); expresión con “Hace” (it has been. . . / How long has it been: “¿Cuánto tiempo hace que Ud. (usted) ha estado desempleado/a?”) ; presente /pretérito perfecto del subjuntivo (“Que tenga un buen día”; “Espero que usted esté dispuesto/a a trabajar de tiempo completo”; “Es esencial que Ud. haya trabajado antes en administración”)


  • iPad Video Camera
  • iMovie

What We Will Cover

  • taking video with the iPad
  • uploading video to iMovie
  • editing in iMovie
  • saving the video file
  • uploading the video file to D2L folder


  • Shaffaq Zaveri

Resources/Helpful Links