Draft:DLC Fall 2017 Class Projects/Nicholas Wysocki (EDFD 461)

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Multicultural Youth, Children, & Families: Part I: K-12 and 5-12

Class Sections, Location, Days and Times

EDFD 461-01 Thursday

EDFD 461-02 Monday

Project Details

Training Expectations

Student should know how to create a Weebly account and build a Weebly web site for documenting Digital Ethnographies by adding sub pages to organize your research, upload documents, photos, and embed videos to a site.

Software Requested

Custom Training Video

The following sections are designed to provide you steps for creating a Weebly account and choose an initial Theme, and launch the Weebly editor.

Creating a Weebly Account

In this video (i.e. to the right) you will learn how to create, select your theme, and launch the Weebly editor. Or just go to Weebly.com and create your free Weebly account.

Using the Weebly Editor

Next, you will want to watch this comprehensive video on building pages in the editor, adding pages, changing themes, setting passwords, and publishing your site.

Additional Information

If there are any questions on any other software the students will have to make 1:1 appointments with the DLC in the Krueger Library #105 or by calling 507-457-2206.

Weebly on YouTube

Make sure to subscribe to the Weebly Channel at Weebly on YouTube

The How'd They Do that? playlist is great for more detailed questions you might have.