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Project Details

For this project you will be recording creating videos and your professor would like to you create a storyboard for the project to serve as an outline for planning and organizing your story. Any time you work in groups on video projects it is helpful to have a storyboard to plan the many components of your stories. The use of PowerPoint is helpful as everyone can collaborate on this tool when the presentation is stored in the cloud on different story directions and assets you will be using for your videos.


  • PowerPoint

What We Will Cover

While we will cover all the steps for creating storyboards in our session together on October 18 from 6-6:30 online click here. T his resource provides instructions for you to learn how to use PowerPoint to organize, document, and story different resources you want to have for telling your stories. The following video walks you through this process.

DLC STARS/Presenter

  • Chad Kjorlien

Other Resources

Lynda Content There are many excellent Spark training resources found on the Adobe Learn and Support site. However, the Lynda video (see how to sign in to your Lynda.com account here) are the definitive place to go and learn all about this powerful tool. Here is a short list of resources you might check out while at Lynda.

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