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Project Details

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The Nursing 454 Publish Services Announcement (PSA) video project is designed to provide students the opportunity communicate health information that can be easily understood, on a health topic designed to promotion disease prevention, that is technically correct. These multimedia videos will be created using a tool called Moovly, shared on YouTube, and the link will be posted in D2L BrightSpace Assignment Submission Folder along with the final poster presentation (i.e. in .pdf form).


  • Moovly
  • YouTube
  • D2L BrightSpace Assignment Submission Folders

What We Will Cover

In this project, you will be using Moovly to record your animated group videos and share links to these videos via the D2L BrightSpace Assignments Submission Folder.

Create Moovly Account

The Moovly tool is a free web-based video editing tool that can be accessed by going to https://www.moovly.com and selecting the Login/Sign up for free button.

Using Moovly

Once you have an account you can learn how to use the tool by viewing the following introduction to Moovly.

Adding Sound to Moovly Videos

The free version of Moovly requires you to upload all audio you wish to use in your video from The following video explains how to add audio to your videos.

Note: In order to add sound, one must move sound clip onto video preview box. From there you then can change sound options.

Create YouTube Account and Channel

Once you have your video finished you will need a public place to share this project. For this project, we will publish these videos on YouTube. This will require you to create a free YouTube account and build a YouTube Channel to share your video content from Moovly. The following steps explain this process of creating the account and channel.

1. Go to YouTube.com.

2. Up in the top right of YouTube page, click Sign in.

3. Click More options > Create Account. Once in you can create a YouTube channel on your account. With a YouTube channel, you can upload videos, leave comments, and create playlists.

Once you have your account and channel configured you can upload your content from Moovly. (see Uploading Videos to YouTube to learn more about the process of uploading video to YouTube.

Publishing Moovly Video to YouTube

On the preview page of your project in Moovly, look for the Publish button below the video and choose Publish button within this menu you will see the YouTube option. Your project will first be rendered as a video and this can take some time to process the video. Once complete, a pop-up will ask you to enter your YouTube/Google login details. Make sure your browser pop-up blocker is not preventing you from loading this page. This article Troubleshoot YouTube publishing explains how to prevent your browsers from blocking this step of the process.

Submitting YouTube Video to D2L

Once your video is uploaded to YouTube you need to share the URL to be submitted to your professor. The following steps walk you through the process.

1. In YouTube you will need to locate the Share button. This is located just below the video and off the the right.

2. Copy the URL to your laptop clipboard.

3. Paste this URL into a Word document and save to be submitted to the Introduction Video Assignment Submission folder in D2L.

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