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Project Details

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Professor Allard is using some of the advanced features found in the Outlook desktop application and Microsoft Office 365 version of Outlook. In our session and on this page we will cover the process for setting up appointments and meetings, creating recurring meetings and appointments, adding custom categories to your appointments, schedule a meeting with the Schedule Assistant, and learn about the different ways you can manage and respond to meeting invitations. Your professor also would like you to print your calendar to a .pdf and this documentation covers that process as well.


  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Office 365 Outlook

Online Video

The following video walks you through the processes we discussed in class and provides details that we were unable to cover in the short time we had together.

Printing Calendar to PDF

After you have posted your classes to your Outlook calendar you will need to submit a printout to Dr. Allard. The steps for printing to PDF can be found below. 1. Log into Microsoft Office 365 Outlook app and make sure your view is set to Week. 2. Select the Control key (PC) or Command key (Mac) and the letter "P" and the printing services will come online. 3. Instead of printing to a printer, you will select the print to Adobe PDF. Save this file with your name in the filename and you should submit this to your professor.

DLC STARS/Presenter

  • Chad Kjorlien

Resources/Helpful Links

The following two Lynda course are the definitive resources on taking your Outlook to the next level. If you have not already created a Lynda account you can learn how here.

Other Resources

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