Draft:DLC Spring 2013 Class Projects/Heather Williams (THAD 132.01)

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Department of Theatre & Dance - Beginning Acting Course

Class Sections, Location, Days and Times

  • Lourdes 157
  • MWF
  • 9:30 am - 10:20 am

Project Details

This is a beginning acting course. For the final project, students are required to perform a monologue twice – once live and once on "film" using film acting techniques. The students have to "edit" the film and transfer it to a DVD for in class viewing.

Student Expectations

  • Students will provide video of their monologue

Training Expectations

  • Students need to learn how to edit their video and transfer to a DVD

Software Requested

  • iMovie

Presenters and Training Schedule

  • Requesting TLT/DLC staff come in and walk the students through iMovie Basics
  • Monday, Apr. 22 - half hour for instruction
  • Wednesday, Apr. 24 - half hour for questions
  • Jorge Burns, DLC STAR

Instructions for Students

Step 1: Creating/Editing Your Video

I will be using a Mac:

I will be using a PC:

Step 2: Saving Your Video to You Tube or DVD

IMovie (Mac) / Basic iMovie Overview - Look down toward the bottom of the page under "Saving Your Videos" and then "Export to DVD".

Additional Information

If there are any questions after the class students can call TSC Phone Support at 507.457.5240 to request a 1:1 appointment with a DLC STAR.