Draft:DLC Spring 2014 Class Projects/Marzi Astani (MIS 482)

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  • MIS 482
  • Business Administration


  • Information Systems Documentation
  • lynda (www.lynda.com) gives WSU users' access to Lynda.com, a subscription library of over 2000 online courses taught by industry experts covering a wide variety of software tools and skills. The task is to sort and catalog all videos, examples and supplementary material offered by lynda. Wiki page will be constructed and designed to help faculty and staff create playlists for themselves and others.
  • The assignment was to go through the Lynda courses and sort/catalog the videos. We can then use these as suggested materials for custom support and colleges. Both students met with Ken Graetz, Peggy Welshons and myself during this project and completed it by the end of the semester.


  • Solina Nong
  • Cory Muldrow