Draft:DLC Spring 2015 Class Projects/Coach Kyle Poock (HERS 204)

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Class Location, Days and Times

  • Where: IWC 143
  • When: Monday, April 6, 2015
    • 10:00 am - Dennis
    • 11:00 am - Dennis
    • 12:00 pm - Eric/Dennis

Project Details


Over a two-week period students in HERS 204 will use the MyFitnessPal application to keep a detailed food and exercise journal. While tracking exercise activities students will record items such as what type of exercise, how long/how many reps, and approximately how many calories burned. To complete a food journal students will enter food items through a variety of ways into meal categories, keep a count of the glasses of water consumed, and analyze nutritional data. At the completion of this activity students will write a paper reflecting on the activity, analyze data collected from both journals, and draw connections from this activity to other class content from the Physical Fitness and Nutrition Units.

Software Requested

What We Will Cover

We will focus on:

  • Initial setup (downloading app/creating an account)
  • Overview of layout and different views (There are several ways to make an entry)
  • Best practices for creating a food/exercise journal within application (EX. If you can’t find the exact item in the search what do you do?)
  • Have students practice entering items

1) Food Journal:

  • Initial setup
  • Directions for all the different ways for entering a food item:
    • Searching an item (best practices for searching ex. Searching brand name, Chartwells foods)
    • Scanning an food item
    • Creating an item
    • Quick add calories
  • Notes sections
    • Area to keep notes about the day (ex. Kelly’s Birthday party was today and had more dessert than usual)
  • Viewing data
    • Main page
    • Table break down of nutrition (Nutrition Tab)
    • Graphs of nutrition (Nutrition Tab) (Daily Pie graph, Weekly bar graph)

2.) Exercise Journal- Initial setup'

  • Directions for entering an exercise entry
    • Create an exercise
    • Search an exercise (NOTE: make sure to choose the “all exercise” tab. If you find an exercise from the “search” it will calculate the calories burned. If you are not on the “all exercise” tab when you search nothing will show up)
  • Viewing Data
    • Main page
    • Equation at the top of main page

Extra items to note but not the focus:

  • Accessible from dual devices (computer, smart phone, tablet)
  • Additions (fit bit incorporation)
  • Creating goals within the program and sharing goals (weight, calories, etc.)

Support Materials


  • Dennis Santiago
  • Eric Ling