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Digital Learning Center

MS Exercise Science

Class Sections, Location, Days and Times

  • Tues, Thurs
  • 12:30 pm
  • Maxwell 369

DLC Support


  • Beginning of semester

Support Email

  • dlc@winona.edu


Song Parody Project: An individual student or groups of 2 students will creatively come up with a title and words to an established song that describes a concept from class. This project is worth 120 points, the equivalent of an exam. I am very flexible with the concept, but, you HAVE to clear your idea with me first to ensure that we are on the same page. The length of your parody will increase or decrease your points awarded. One way to do this is to find an instrumental or karaoke version of your song that you could play while singing/rapping your words, all the while recording the audio. We will go over a recommended way of completing this project during class. At a minimum the project will include an audio recording of the music and the singing/rapping as well as be 1’30” in length assuming a ~15” intro. This minimal effort will get you 84% (~101 points) if done very well. Additional points will be available if you make the recording longer and/or complete an audio and video recording (see below). You will create a private YouTube audio/video file for me to grade. I will be the only one seeing your recording, without permission. You will have technical support for this project which I will describe.

  • Clear topic with me (I can disapprove of your topic)
  • Hand in a Word document (dropbox) with the original words and your parody words when project is completed.
  • Upload your recording to a private YouTube “channel” for grading purposes.

Grading of your project will be based mostly on the quality of your parody. Most songs will tell a story of some kind. Do your song title and “story” make sense and does it follow a theme? I need to be able to understand, for the most part, what you are singing/rapping. You will earn 6 additional possible points (5% of total grade for the project) for every 30” of singing/rapping and/or adding video/elaborateness of the video. Example, simply by adding a basic video of you singing/rapping will add 6 possible points. Adding that video plus a 2 (30 additional seconds) minute audio will earn you 12 additional possible points. Another example, more elaborate video will earn you 12 additional possible points (adding video points plus points for a more elaborate video). The more you do, the larger the possible points. There is some vagueness to the grading … ask questions for clarity!

Recomended Process

  • 1 Choose a song, check to make sure you can find an instrumental version to use in the final project.
  • 2 Rewrite the lyrics to fit the concept you wish to cover.
  • 3 Create a new song title that supports your concept.
  • 4 Record your lyrics on your WSU iPad using Hokusai, an audio recording app. (For detailed information on steps 4, 5,and 6: Hokusai for iPad)
  • 5 Import your music to your recording in Hokusai.
  • 6 Create and export your new song.
  • 7 Record your video on your WSU iPad in iMovie, play the song in the background to follow along while you film. (For detailed information on steps 7, 8, 9,and 10: iMovie for iPad)
  • 8 You will be able to edit your video in iMovie.
  • 9 Remove the sound from your video, and add your recorded song into your project for a clearer sound.
  • 10 Export your video when you are finished.
  • 11 Upload your video to YouTube.
  • 12 Upload the original lyrics and your new lyrics to D2L in a Word Document.

Click here for more detailed instructions.

Support Requested

  • Possible classroom visit to introduce students to iPad software for audio recording/editing
  • Video training
  • Individual student support by appointment in the e-Warrior Digital Learning Center
  • Lynda support

Recommended Software Apps


  • Charlie Utzman