Draft:DLC Spring 2016 Class Projects/Pat Paulson (MIS 202)

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Digital Learning Center

Class Location, Days, Times, and Number of Students

  • Somsen 301

Training Schedule

  • Tuesday/Thursday
  • 12:30 - 2:00 pm
  • Professor Paulson would like this for 6th or 7th week of semester

Overview of Project

  • Project this to be used in: MIS 202 Assignment 05
  • Documentation on using the iPad as a video camera
    • Best practices
    • Converting raw video to MP4

Requested Software

  • iPad Video Camera
  • iMovie and other technologies
  • Premier Pro

Training/Support Goals

  • Students learn how to make professional looking videos using the iPad video camera and technologies

DLC STARS Assigned

  • Maggie Gadbois
  • Uzma Ghazanfar

Helpful Information