Draft:DLC Summer 2013 Class Projects/Pat Paulson (MIS202)

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Detail how to use the Dreamspark Premium System on the Wiki

Project Details

  • Clean up the instructions that Professor Paulson began on using Virtual Clone Drive to mount a .iso file. Do this for Microsoft Project 2013, which is the software that Professor Snyder will be using. Please make any screenshots specific to that software.


  • In addition to creating a wiki page for the .iso file, prepare one using Windows 8 - it is supposed to have native .iso read support in the File Explorer.
  • Create a generic ‘DreamSpark Premium’ wikipage, showing how to use the Dreamspark Premium system, what software is available, and how to do things like obtain/download the software, and also redownload the software at a later date (in case your laptop had to be re-imaged, this entails going to ‘Your Account/Orders’)
  • Create installation pages for Microsoft Project 2010 and Microsoft Project 2013.

Assigned To

  • Eric Ling, DLC STAR

Project Expectations

  • Students will be able to follow the directions and purchase software, download software, mount the software's .iso, and install the software.
  • Students will also find information regarding what to do in case of a forgotten password, first time registration, or needing to access product keys/redownload software.

Student Expectations

  • Students will have VMWare Fusion installed with a Windows image if they have Macs.