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  • IOS


  • iMovie, iPhoto, iTunes

File types

.mp4 .mkv .vob .mp3 .mov how to tell if a format is compatible with iMovie How to convert files using Handbrake


  1. (Project): This window is where you will build your project. To add clips to your project, drag them to this window from the Event Library.
  2. (Event Library): This window contains all video files that have been imported to your computer.
  3. (Expanded Library View): Video files that have been imported will be displayed in this window after selecting an event from the Event Library.
  4. (Voiceover): Allows you to add narration to a video.
  5. Crop Options): Allows you to crop a clip and/or add a Ken Burns effect.
  6. (Inspector): Allows you to change options associated with a video or audio clip. Double clicking on a clip will also display this box.
  7. (Audio): Allows you to add audio from your iTunes library or an iLife sound effect.
  8. (Photos): Allows you to browse and add files from your iPhoto library.
  9. (Text): Allows you to add a text overlay, opening title, or credits to a still frame or video.
  10. (Transitions): Allows you to add transitions between video clips and still frames. This option also allows you to choose a theme for your project.
  11. (Maps and Backgrounds): Allows you to add an animated map or background to your project.
  12. (Build-in cam)
  13. (Swap tool)
  14. (Previw Panel)
  15. (Thumbail tool)
  16. (Project view tool)
  17. (Audio Skimming)

Workshop Outline

Explain drag and drop method for integrating content into Project
  • Video
    • Importing from external device
    • Importing from within computer
    • What is an Event/Library? Why is it useful?
    • Benefits of utilizing the Marking tools
  • image
    • Must import to iPhoto, why?
    • How to make freeze frames with video files
    • Image edit options: Ken burns, Cropping, orientations
    • Importing Powerpoint slides
  • Audio
    • iMovie integrated sounds
    • How to recognize between background sounds effects and clip specific sound effects
  • Must import specific sounds through iTunes to be usable in iMovie
  • Edit
    • Inspector tool for Audio
    • Clip Trimmer
    • Clip adjustments
      • Duration edit
    • Audio Adjustments
      • Volume adjustments
        • Ducking
        • Fade tools
        • Enhance
        • Equalizer
        • Normalize clip volume & remove normalize & revert original
        • Help icon
    • Inspector for Media
      • Precision Editor
      • Clip adjustments
        • Video effect
        • Audio effect
        • Speed and Direction
        • Stabilization
        • Zoom
        • Rolling Shutter
      • Video Adjustments
      • Audio adjustments
    • Media and Audio location on Project
      • Indicator Bar
      • Green Location Bar
      • Location flexibility of content (all content and effects)
  • Add ins
    • Texts
      • Intro, subtitles (CC) and Credit screens
      • Inspector tool benefit
      • How to edit text, font and location on preview panel
    • Transitions
      • Drag and drop
      • inspector tool to edit length and other benefits
      • how to preview transition
    • Maps, Backgrounds and Animatics
      • When would I use them?
  • Preview total project
    • Explore the benefits of right-clicking
    • Browse through the Taskbar Tabs for iMovie for more options
  • Exporting
    • Difference between Finalize Project and Share tab
  • Last notes
    • Always update before starting or continuing project(s)
    • Safe to create Back Ups of projects
    • Introduce Lynda.com
    • Provide contact information about Tech Support
      • You Tube, iDVD, Export Movie...etc.

Star Presenter

  • Jorge Burns

Helpful Information

  • You will need to know where you will want to store your media files.