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What Is Click to Map Drives?

The script you click to map your R:, W:, and T: drives.

What is the “Click_to_map_drives” shortcut?

The “Click_to_map_drives” shortcut will map all network drives that you have permission to use. It is useful for people who connect to the WSU network from home via the WSU VPN or anytime you are on the WSU network and don’t see your network drives such as J: K: U: etc.

How do I get it?

The “Click_to_map_drives” shortcut should already be in your Start Menu as it has been automatically pushed out to all campus network users provided that you log into your computer with a wired network connection on a regular basis. If you do not see it, plug into the network with your network cable and reboot your computer.

If you still do not see it go here: \\winona.edu\NETLOGON\scripts\manual_loscript and run pinto_manual.vbs.


Call or stop into the Technical Support Center.

  • Somsen 207
  • (507) 457-5240