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What is eScholarship?

eScholarship has ended for 2023-2024. A list of winner can be found at 2023-2024 Scholarship Recipients. Stop back in the fall to read about the next eScholarship Competition.

eScholarship is a way for Winona State students to win a $1,000.00 scholarship! Everyone can use extra money to help pay for their tuition. It's easy and fun ... plus you get to show off your awesome talents! eScholarship is sponsored by Aspen Capital.

Aspen Capital, in partnership with Winona State University, provides the latest mobile devices and technology to Winona State students.

A key component of the partnership established between Aspen Capital and WSU includes Aspen’s commitment to give back to the University. Accordingly, Aspen Capital is pleased to provide financing for the 2024-2025 e-Warrior Aspen Capital eScholarships. This year Aspen Capital has once again generously donated $10,000 enabling us to provide 10 students with a $1,000 scholarship for the e-Warrior: Digital Life & Learning Program. These scholarships will be awarded through four different eScholarship competitions.

Each year we pick a topic related to technology and/or Winona State.

This Year's Theme

This year's theme is "Culture of Caring: The Positive Impact of Technology".

This years theme is the University's 2023-2024 theme.

Consider how technology can influence our culture to create a caring atmosphere. One that facilitates a mentally well mind prepared to learn, work, teach and contribute meaningully to our communities. This theme is an opportunity to explore how technology can influence mental wellness here at Winona State, in our community, and in our world.

This year we want you to focus on the positive impact that technology has on our everyday life - especially life here at WSU! There are four categories which gives you four different ways to express yourself within this theme.

Categories to Enter

There are four categories in which students may participate.

The recipient(s) of each event will win a $1,000 e-Warrior: Digital Life & Learning Scholarship provided by Aspen Capital.

In a Nutshell

Overall Guidelines

  • eScholarship is open to all Winona State University students that are currently participating in the e-Warrior: Digital Life & Learning Program. This includes full-time and part-time students.
  • Only entries that are 100% original will be considered.
  • Entry must follow this year's theme.
  • Only entries that follow exact guidelines will be considered.
  • All entries must be created/edited on WSU laptop/tablet, or you may use your phone.
  • Technology: Must use WSU supported software or software that is freely accessible by all.
  • You may submit as many entries as you wish in any categories, but you will only be eligible to win one scholarship.
    • If you do submit more than one entry in an event, please send all additional entries to DLC@winona.edu. In the email please add which category you wish to enter it into, the name of the entry, team members (if it is a team entry), and any other information that would be important to us.
  • Scholarships are awarded to single winners or all participants of a winning team. eFlick and Jingles are the only categories that teams are allowed.
    • A team of up to four students may be used for the eFlick competition.
    • A team of up to two students may be used for the Jingle competition.
  • You may be required to attend a luncheon with your benefactor. Casual dress would be the attire.

How and When Are They Awarded?

  • 10 individual $1,000.00 e-Warrior: Digital Life & Learning Scholarships will be awarded.
  • Scholarships will be awarded in April for Spring 2024
  • You will be notified by email in April if you are a recipient.
  • The WSU e-Warrior: Digital Life & Learning Scholarship Committee reserves the right to disregard entries that are not complete, on theme, or are considered inappropriate.

Submission Information

Submission Dates

  • January 1st - March 31st, 2024
  • You can start working on your entries at any time but cannot submit until after January 1st, 2024.

Submission Information

*Click Here to Submit Your Entry

  • If you are submitting more than one entry to a category:
    • Submit 1st entry to the link above, any additional entries in that category to DLC@winona.edu. Please include your name and warrior ID # in the email along with the entry's title and category.
    • All MOV and MP4 entries- full information is to be filled out at link above but entries to be emailed to DLC@winona.edu along with your name, warrior ID #, entry title and category.
  • eFlick entries must be submitted via a YouTube link.
    • If you are part of a team submitting eFlick or Jingle entries please include the names and warrior ID's of all members of your team.


By submitting an entry, I guarantee that the content of my entry is free of any copyright restriction and agree to provide WSU with copies of any copyright releases I have acquired, should they be requested. Winona State University cannot be held responsible for any consequences resulting from possible copyright violation. I agree to defend and indemnify the University and/or the University’s licensees and assignees and hold them harmless against all claims, suits, costs losses, damages, and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, that the University and/or the University’s licensees and assignees may sustain by reason of any unlawful matter contained in the program. WSU also reserves the right to use submissions to the e-Competition, in whole or in part, for future promotion and demonstration.



How We Judge

Selection of scholarship recipients will be based on the following:
  • Use of the eWarrior theme – 30%
  • Overall impact (inspiring, persuasive, informational) – 15%
  • Originality/Creativity – 20%
  • Memorable content – 15%
  • Clear message – 20%



Feel free to stop in at the Digital Learning Commons in Krueger Library with any questions.

Questions from WSU students regarding eScholarship

Q. 1) To create a video is it required to have a team? 2) Can I have other people in my video that are not WSU students?

A. 1) No—you do not need to use a “team”. If you wish to create a video yourself that is fine. We just say that “up to 4” students can form a team for this category. 2) You can have whoever and whatever you want (that falls within the guidelines) in your video. Only eligible WSU students would actually win $1,000.

Past Years Entries

Helpful Information

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