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Usage (from MediaWiki)

The EmbedVideo parser function expects to be called in any of the following ways:

  • {{#widget:service|id=id}}
  • {{#widget:service|id=id|width}}
  • {{#widget:service|id=id|width|align}}
  • {{#widget:service|id=id|width|align|desc}}
  • {{#widget:service wide playlist|id=id|desc}}
  • {{#widget:service wide playlist|id=id|desc|align}}
  • {{#widget:service wide playlist|id=id|desc|align|width}}


  • service is the name of a video sharing service (See "service name" in the list below)
  • id is the id of the video to include
  • width (optional) is the width in pixels of the viewing area (height will be determined automatically)
  • align (optional) is an alignment (float) attribute. May be "left" or "right".
  • desc (optional) is a short description to display beneath the video when it is aligned

For example, to include the famous "evolution of dance" YouTube video, you'd enter:


And if you wanted scaled down to thumbnail size, on the right with a short description, you could use:

{{#widget:YouTube|id=dMH0bHeiRNg|100|right|This is an embedded video!}}
Note: See the Project Homepage for more examples.