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General Information

  • Audience - All WSU instructors interested in sharing documents and other files with colleagues and students.
  • Interview Date - 11/16/2015
  • Tools Used - OneDrive

Meet the Faculty Member

Dr. Dawnette Cigrand is an Associate Professor of Counselor Education at Winona State University. She earned her her doctoral degree at the University of Iowa and research interests focus on students with disabilities specializing in the area of autism spectrum disorders.

Viewing the Interview Segments

The full interview is divided into six segments. Select play to begin viewing Segment 1. To advance to another segments at any time by using the Next Next button.

Segment Descriptions

  1. Could you talk specifically how you used OneDrive? Here Dawnette explains that she really wanted to provide a convenient way to share out her portfolio for tenure so everyone reviewing her files quickly without having to wait for the paper version to be passed around.
  2. Specifically, could you talk about how you set this OneDrive? In this segment she goes into detail about the way she sets up her portfolio with the drag-and-drop method that OneDrive allows for and easily share.
  3. What are some of the benefits of doing it this way? Dawnette talks about the many different ways that this has allowed her to collaborate with other and easily share out information.
  4. With the use of your OneDrive for accreditdation could you talk about the process for sharing? With electronic format she explains that it is so easy to share these resources with anyone who needs access.
  5. What would you recommend to others thinking about using the OneDrive in this way? Time savings is a big benefit to doing it this way she explains, but having it stored off of the laptop is a huge comfort to her. Also, sharing electronic portfolios allows it to be quickly and easily viewed.
  6. What other advice would you give faculty?Here Dawnette talks about the process of providing directions to people not familiar with OneDrive.
  7. Could you help faculty understand some of the important lessons about organizing the portfolio? Here she explains the organizational structure she use to help the reader find all the materials she was submitting.
  8. How did you go about using OneDrive for your portfolio? Here she describes a number of different ways this tool can be utilized beyond your portfolio package that anyone over in TLT would be happy to help you with.

Good Practices

  • For tenure portfolios keep your folder structure simple (i.e. One main folder within that folder create a sub-folder for each criterion). This way you only need to share the main folder with the reviewers and they will have access to all your sub-folders.
  • Put directions for viewing documents into an index page that is emailed to all reviewers of your portfolio.

Key Outcomes

  • Having content in OneDrive allows you to share content more easily and securely.
  • Sharing and collaboration on documents with colleagues, administrators, and students can be done on both laptops or tablets.

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