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This page contains information on File Backup for students on a PC running windows to OneDrive, an external device such as a Hard Drive or Flash Drive.

Backup Procedure for OneDrive, External & Flash Drives

  • Create a folder on your Desktop - name it "BACKUP 2023"


  • Copy folders or files that you wish to backup into the "BACKUP 2023" desktop folder
    • NOTE: You can create a file structure within this folder if you wish. Example: Documents, Photos, Videos, Classes, etc.
    • Be sure to COPY not MOVE the folders/files to the "BACKUP 2023" folder so you will still have a copy on the laptop.
  • You can now transfer the "BACKUP 2023" folder to OneDrive or to an external/flash drive.
    • OneDrive - Open OneDrive and drag the "BACKUP 2023" folder over to the OneDrive folder. Drop it in where you want it to go.
    • External or Flash Drive - Open the external or flash drive folder and drop the "BACKUP 2022" folder where you want it to go.

To download a copy of the helpdoc click here: Media:PC_Mac_Backup1.pdf

Connecting and Finding the Device

To back up to an external hard drive or flash drive, first connect the drive to your computer. Most of these devices use USB connectors, although some of the newer ones have eSATA. After connecting the drive and letting windows mount the device, you can find it under My Computer. It will be listed as a removable disc with some associated drive letter. Some drives will be named by the brand of the drive such as WD for Western Digital or CruserMini for a flash drive brand. Double-click the drive icon to open a window that lists the contents of the drive. It is not uncommon for some vendor files and folders to be preloaded (e.g., instructions, optional software).

To backup to OneDrive you will need to open your OneDrive folder so you can drag your newly created BACKUP folder to it.

Transferring Your "BACKUP 2023" folder

  • External or Flash Drive: Drag the BACKUP folder over to the open drive and drop in where you want it to go.
  • OneDrive: Drag the BACKUP folder over to your OneDrive folder and drop it in where you want it to go.


  • For assistance with file backup feel free to stop into the Digital Learning Commons (DLC) in Krueger 105.

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