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Google Chrome is a supported web browser installed on every campus desktop computer and all laptops provided through the eWarrior Digital Life and Learning Program. It is a recommended browser for accessing several important university web services (e.g., Brightspace). Although the Chrome browser and several browser extensions are supported by Winona State University, Google's integrated G Suite applications (e.g., Gmail, Docs, Slides) are not. Minnesota State provides that functionality through a system-wide Microsoft 365 (e.g., Outlook, Word, PowerPoint) license instead.

Your personal Google account

Although you can use it without signing in, Chrome is designed to be used while signed in to a Google account. This allows you to synchronize your browser bookmarks, extensions, and settings across the multiple devices on which you use Chrome (e.g., your laptop and phone). You may have already created a personal Google account, with an associated Gmail address and Google Drive cloud storage space, that you use to communicate with friends and family and manage personal files. Although Winona State University does not support the use of Google accounts or G Suite apps, we do recognize the value of using Chrome while signed in to a Google account. Here are a couple options:

Use an existing Google account

You can sign in to Chrome on your Winona State University desktop or laptop computer using an existing Google account.

Create a new Google account

Even if you have an existing account, you may want to create another Google account to use for school-related purposes, keeping your personal account private. When managing multiple Google accounts, it's easy to switch from one account to another while using Chromes and synchronization with other devices will only be possible when all devices are signed in to the same account.

Manage Chrome bookmarks

Download to PC, Mac, or Linux

Download to Mobile Devices

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