Grades in Brightspace - Exporting

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This page describes how instructors can export or make local copies (e.g., on their laptops) of their D2L gradebook. This function can be useful for:

  • Backing-up a D2L gradebook

Steps For Exporting D2L Grades

  1. Login to D2L and select the course you want to export
  2. Select the Grades link from within the Assessment menu.
  3. Select Export button
  4. Select the Export options including grade items, user details, and grade values.
  5. Select Export to CSV or Export to Excel .
  6. D2L will start to create an exportable version of your grade book.
  7. When the file is created, the message "Your file is ready to download" will appear. Select the link provided.
  8. What happens next will vary slightly depending on what Web browser you use, but you want to Save the export package to your computer.
  9. You can then copy or move that file to secure WSU network storage space. D2L assigns a name to the file automatically (e.g., Prin of Mgmt (MGMT 315-01) WIN_GradesExport_Apr 21, 2010 1255 PM.csv). This name can be changed, just maintain the .csv or .xlsx extensions.