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You can hide your caller ID permanently, temporarily, or one call at a time, to prevent people from seeing your number and adding you as a contact. This may be important when using your personal cell phone for university business.

Personal phone

Use a caller ID block code

When calling from the US, hide your caller ID one call at a time by begin the call with *67 before entering the phone number (e.g., *67(507)555-1212). This will hide your number from the recipient. If possible, send a text or email message to anyone you are going to call in this manner, letting them know who you are, when you will be calling, and that your caller ID will be blocked.

Change your phone setting

Your carrier may allow you to hide your caller ID in your phone's settings (Fig 1). Not all carriers allow this.

Make your number private

Contact your carrier or visit their website to determine whether they can disable caller ID at the account level. There may be a fee for this service.

Obtain a WSU cell phone

WSU will assign you a university cell phone with a new work number. The phone is free and monthly plans are available. Plans run around $48/month for a smartphone and $26/month for a flip. Contact the Technical Support Center (TechSupport@winona.edu, 507-457-5240, Somsen Hall 207) if you are interested.

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