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iPad Mail Tips 'n Tricks

Swipe to Delete

You can quickly delete individual emails by swiping your finger across the message preview. a Delete button will appear and you can tap this to remove the message.


Delete Multiple Emails

If you want to delete more than one email at a time

  • Tap the Edit button on the Inbox sidebar
  • Tap the clear circles next to each email to select them.
  • Tap the circle again to deselect them.
  • Once you are happy with your selection, tap Delete at the bottom of the screen to remove them from your Inbox.


Secret Behind The Dot

Yes! There is a secret behind the dot key! When typing an email address the dot key hides additional options. If you hold your finger on it for a second, a range of useful shortcuts appear, such as .com and .net. All you need to do is slide your finger to the one you want and release to add.


Highlight - Then Reply

Sometimes you may wish to forward or reply to only a specific section of an email you have received. You can do this.

Simply highlight that part of the message before replying or forwarding. The iPad pulls out just that selection for the new email.


Open Attachments

You can open attachments from your emails in apps of your choice.

Tap and hold on the attachment and a pop-up will appear with different options to choose from.


Pull to Refresh

To see if you have any new mail you can refresh your Inbox.

  • Pull down from the top of the screen until the refresh icon starts to spin.
  • The Mail app will check for new email and update you Inbox.

Slide for Inbox

If you are looking at your emails in portrait view the Inbox will be hidden. To quickly open it an choose another email to read, slide your finger from left to right anywhere on the screen. This is often quicker than going up to the top of the screen and tapping the Inbox button.

Insert Photo & Video

You can insert a picture or video directly into an email from within the Mail app.

  • Tap the screen where you are entering text - options will appear
  • Tap Insert Photo or Video
  • Choose the picture or video you want5 to add from your Camera Roll

Remove From Recents

When entering someone's email address, recently used addresses show automatically to save you time. Sometimes these can be incorrect. To remove an email address:

  • Tap the blue arrow next to the entry
  • Click on Remove from Recents

The address will no longer be shown when entering an email address.

Flagging Your Emails

Need to keep track of the important emails that you get? You can easily do this with flags. When reading an email tap the Flag icon on the top toolbar.

You can mark multiple emails from the Inbox.

  • Tap Edit
  • Tap the circle next to each email
  • Tap Mark at the bottom, select Flag

The "flagged" emails will be in the Flagged Inbox for quick access.