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In the Photos App

Share Photos

You can quickly share multiple images from your Photos app. You can do this via email or copy them to a new message.

  • Select the Photos Tab at the top
  • Tap Edit
  • Select the images you wish to share
  • Tap Share to reveal your options

If you have chosen more than five photos you cannot send via email. Instead you must copy and then paste the images into an email.

Delete Photos

  • Select the Photos tab at the top
  • Tap Edit
  • Select images you wish to remove
  • Tap Delete

Note: It is not possible to delete images that have been synced from a computer. To remove these images you must remove them using iTunes on your computer.

Create Photo Albums

  • Tap Albums
  • Tap the + sign
  • Name the album
  • Add photos from the Cameral Roll album

Delete Photo Albums

  • Tab Albums
  • Choose the Album you wish to delete
  • Tap Edit
  • Tap the cross that appears on the album

Add To Albums

  • Tap Edit
  • Select the photos you want to add
  • Tap the Add To button
  • Choose Add to Existing Album or Add to New Album

If you choose Add to Existing Album, you can specify which album you would like to add the pictures to.

Order The Album

Would you like to change the order of your albums?

  • Select the Albums tab
  • Open an album
  • Tap Edit
  • Tap and hold any image until it starts to float.
  • Drag the image to where you would like and then let go of the screen to drop the picture.
  • When you are finished reorganizing the album tap Done