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What is Microsoft Bookings

Microsoft Bookings is an online application for instructors who provide services to students on an appointment basis. Examples of these services might include office hours, advising, or one-on-one interviews.

You use Bookings by sharing a web address (in emails or your Brightspace course) where your students can schedule appointments. Bookings enters these appointments into your Outlook calendar. You set up the times that you want to offer to your students in Bookings and Bookings refers to your Outlook calendar to offer still-available time slots to your students.

Where do I find Bookings?

The Bookings application is part of Microsoft Office 365 and is listed with all of the other Office applications on the Office 365 page. There are several ways to get to the Office 365 page, including:

  • Clicking the waffle icon in the top-left corner of , or
  • On the WSU homepage, click on Resources from the navigation bar at the top of the page and select Office 365 & Email from the dropdown menu.

Here is what you will see:


Click the Bookings icon to open the application.

Setting up your schedule

There are several steps involved in setting up your schedule and publishing it to your students.

1. Enter your personal information

You start by entering some information about yourself. In Bookings, that goes on the business information page. These details include your name, address, and phone number.

The information you provide here will be displayed on the page students use to book appointments (known as the booking page) and in messages and reminders sent to them by Bookings.

Step-by-step instructions from Microsoft Support.

2. Set your scheduling policies

The Booking page is where you set the scheduling policies for your student visits. Scheduling policies include the length of appointments, acceptable lead and cancellation times, and automatic notifications of booking changes.

Step-by-step instructions from Microsoft Support

3. Define your service offerings

When you define your service offerings in Microsoft Bookings, you set, among other things, a service name, description, location (choose whether you want to meet in person or have an online meeting), duration, and default reminders to you and your students. Then, when students book an appointment, they can see exactly what types of appointments are available.

Step-by-step instructions from Microsoft Support

4. Create your staff list

The Staff page is where you create your staffing list and manage staff member details such as name, phone number, and email address. You can also set working hours for each staff member from this part of the app. In most cases, the staff will be you but you do have the ability to include other members of faculty in the list for special activities like advising.

Step-by-step instructions from Microsoft Support

5. Set your "working" hours

Setting working hours ensures that their availability is accurately represented when you or your students try to book them.

Step-by-step instructions from Microsoft Support

6. Schedule time off and vacation time

You can schedule time off from the Microsoft Bookings calendar and these days and times will automatically be unavailable for reservations.

Step-by-step instructions from Microsoft Support

7. Publish or unpublish your booking page

The booking page is the page on your web site where students can schedule appointments with your business. You will get a URL that you can copy and add to emails or post within your Brightspace course.

Step-by-step instructions from Microsoft Support

What will the students see?

When your students visit the URL you supply, they will see all of the information they need to select a time to meet with you. As they view the dates in the calendar, they will see the times that are open on your Outlook calendar. They select the service type, the date, and the time. Their appointment is automatically added to your calendar and you receive automated notification in your email.


Working with More than One Booking Calendar

  • You can create a new Bookings page or open an existing page by using the down arrow to be able to select New or Open.

  • When you want to Open an existing Booking Page, type in one word in the search field to get a list of Booking pages. This Search field does not always list your page based on the search, so you may need to try different search words to find your Booking Page.


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