Microsoft PowerPoint Inserting a YouTube Video (PC)

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You cannot embed YouTube videos or videos from online websites in the 64-bit version of Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 - which is what we have here at Winona State.

To insert a YouTube video (or any video from an online website) into a PowerPoint 2010 (64-bit) presentation you must first download that video to your computer.

Download YouTube Videos to Your Computer

  • To download a YouTube video to your computer, navigate to the YouTube video that you wish to insert and in new tab or window go to:


  • The window will load and you should see different options to download the video. Click on what size you want the YouTube video to be. I suggest you select MP4 720P


  • At the bottom of your screen it will ask if you want to Open, Save or Cancel.


  • You should select the arrow by Save, then select Save as. You will then pick where you want to save and name the video.
  • Navigate to where you saved the file and open that file, it will then start to download the video.

Putting A Video Into Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 (64-bit)

  • In the PowerPoint side click where you want the YouTube video to be on, go up to the top next to the file button and click on Insert


  • Under the Media section click on Video and then select Video from File...


  • Navigate to where you saved the YouTube video that you downloaded and then click Insert