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All WSU students, faculty, and staff have access to Minecraft Education Edition for free. Download and install the game, explore the many educational templates, and build your own world. If you already own Minecraft, the Education Edition is an independent version and will not affect your existing, personal version.

Install Minecraft Education Edition

  1. Browse to https://education.minecraft.net/get-started.
  2. Enter your WSU email address into the Check to see if you have an account field and select Submit
  3. On the Your school account is ready to use, select Yes
  4. Select Download Now under the version recommended for your device.
  5. Double-click the installer file and follow the directions to install it.

Log in with your StarID credentials

When asked to sign in for the first time, select Microsoft and use your StarID@minnstate.edu (employees) or StarID@go.minnstate.edu (students) version of your username and your StarID password.

Customize your avatar

Once you have logged in to Minecraft, maximize the window to fill your screen. Select the clothes hanger icon to pick your avatar. Click Confirm to lock in your selection.

Complete the tutorial if needed

If you haven't played before or it has been awhile, run through the quick tutorial:

  1. Launch Minecraft Education Edition and select Play
  2. Select View Library
  3. Select How to Play
  4. Select Start Here
  5. Pick one of the tutorials and select Create World. This will drop you into a preset "tutorial" world designed to help you learn how to play.
  6. Follow the directions in the world to walk through the tutorial.
  7. When you are done with the tutorial, press the Escape key and select Save and Quit.

Use an educational template to create a world

  1. Launch Minecraft for Education and select Play.
  2. Select View Library. From here, you can search by template type: lessons, monthly build challenges, biomes and worlds, and how to play (i.e., tutorials). Pick the template you want to use to create your world.
  3. Select Create World. This will create a new world based on that template and drop you right into it.

Create your own world from scratch

  1. Log in to Minecraft for Education and select Play.
  2. Select Create New
  3. Select New
  4. Configure your world.
  5. Select Play. Select Host if you want to invite others on your network to join you in your world. They would need to also be running Minecraft Education Edition.

World configuration options

Default game mode

  • Survival - You start with nothing and will need to find resources to make things. You will also need to find or make food to eat.
  • Creative - You have unlimited resources, do not get hungry or tired, and can fly. Also, creepers do not chase you and do not explode.


  • Peaceful - No hostile mobs (e.g., creepers, spiders, skeletons) can spawn naturally. Your hunger bar never depletes.
  • Easy - Hostile mobs spawn, but do less damage when they hit you and you get hungry and tired slower.
  • Normal - Hostile mobs spawn and deal standard damage and you get hungry and tired at the standard rate.
  • Hard - Hostile mobs deal greater damage and you get hungry faster.

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  • Gamepedia Minecraft Wiki - Note that the Education Edition includes features that are not covered in this wiki. There may also be features included in the wiki that are not available in the Education Edition.