Overriding a default grade column display in Brightspace

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This article includes instructions for overriding the default Personal (teacher) and Org Unit (student) display settings for a grade item in a Brightspace grade book. It is intended for instructors.


The general Brightspace grade book display settings serve as defaults for all of the individual columns in your grade book. For example, if you configure the general student display settings to only show the points grade and not the letter grade, then every column in your grade book will default to displaying the points grade only. This saves you from having to configure each column separately. However, you may want to override those defaults for specific grade book columns. For example, you may want students to see their letter grade along with their points grade in the Calculated Final Grade or Adjusted Final Grade column, but not in any other column in your grade book. To do this, you would adjust the settings for that specific column, overriding the default settings.

Fig 1. Select Edit
Fig 2. Set column display settings

Setting column-specific display options

To override the default display settings for any column in your grade book:

  1. From your Brightspace course homepage, select the Assessments menu and then select Grades to open your grade book
  2. Select the down arrow to the right of the column header for that specific grade book item that you want to change and then select Edit (Fig 1)
  3. Select the Override checkbox on either the Student View display options, the Managing (i.e., teacher) View display options, or both (Fig 3). This will allow you to check the values you want displayed in that specific grade column, including the points grade, the grade scheme symbol, and/or the grade scheme color.
  4. Select Save and Close

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