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About this article

This article includes instructions for uploading video and audio files to your MediaSpace account using the Media Upload tool. It is intended for WSU students and employees.

What's the Media Upload tool?

The Media Upload tool in MediaSpace allows you to upload video and audio files, stored on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, to your MediaSpace account. Once the upload is complete, a copy of that file will reside in your MediaSpace online storage and will be accessible from your My Media page. You can then share that file link and the following directions explain this process

Sharing a MediaSpace file Link

When you upload media to your MediaSpace account, you had the option to select one of three file-sharing permission settings (see described in section below) and for this process, you will need to have the video set to ether Unlisted or Published. It is recommended for most situations that these are set to Unlisted.

  1. Click on your name in MediaSpace and choose the My Media option.
  2. Choose the video from this list by clicking on the title of your video.
  3. Below the window of your video will be a tab called Share (see clip below A).
  4. The Link to Media Page will appear by defult and you can copy the link to your video (B). You can now post this link wherever you wish to share and people will be taken to Mediaspace and allowed to play this content back.
  5. If you want to alter start or end playback a custom link will appear after checking the boxes (C) for the desired playback preferences in the Link to Media Page box (B).
Share Videos.JPG

Sharing Permissions

  • Private: Only you will be able to access the file. If you are embedding the file into Brightspace using the Insert Stuff function, you can still use this Private setting.
  • Unlisted: Only those with a link to the file that you provide will be able to access it. Select this option if you want to share your video using a direct link to the video that you might share via email.
  • Published: Assign the file to a channel. It will be visible to individuals if it's published in channels to which they have viewing rights.

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