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This article outlines the ethical and professional responsibilities of all survey researchers at WSU: students, faculty, and staff. It applies to anyone who uses Qualtrics to gather survey data from any population residing either on or off campus.

WSU Qualtrics Terms of Use

Qualtrics is a web-based survey tool available to all current Winona State University faculty, staff and students to support academic research and evaluation.

Use of Qualtrics

  • Users shall use Qualtrics for University purposes only.
  • Winona State University IT provides access to Qualtrics; however, responsibility for how individuals use the service resides solely with the individual.
  • Users shall not send unsolicited mass communication in conjunction with Qualtrics.
  • Users must abide by WSU Identity Standards and Use of University Name, Seal and Logo policy.
  • Using Qualtrics for third-party, for-profit and not-for-profit organizations is not allowed. Using Qualtrics to Highly Restricted Data as defined by Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System Procedure 5.23.2 is prohibited.

Responsibility Data Protection and Data Security:

  • Users are responsible for downloading and securing all survey data in conformity with WSU policies and procedures for handling sensitive information.
  • Each survey created under the WSU Qualtrics license has a primary author who is responsible for content posted or distributed through Qualtrics.
  • Surveys and survey responses collected through the use of the Qualtrics may be shared with parties external to WSU. Surveys and survey responses shared with parties external to WSU shall be the responsibility of the primary author / user granting access to the external party. All external parties granted access to the shared surveys and responses must abide by these Terms of Use, as well as all applicable WSU policies and other rules and regulations.
  • Users of Qualtrics under the WSU license who download survey responses collected through this service are subject to the data security measures outlined on the ITS Computer & Network Security website at https://mywsu.winona.edu/it/policies/Pages/Data_Storage.aspx.
  • Users will safeguard the confidentiality and privacy of the survey participants and the responses provided.

Termination of Use

  • When moving to another institution or otherwise leaving WSU, a current user will have 60 days in which to contact the WSU Qualtrics administrators to make arrangements for their Qualtrics content to be transferred to a new institutional or personal account; after which WSU will close Qualtrics accounts delete all surveys and results.
  • WSU may at any time disallow, alter, or discontinue access to Qualtrics or change these Terms of Use at its sole discretion.
  • WSU may revoke user access to Qualtrics for failure to abide by these Terms of Use.

Research and IRB Approval

  • All surveys conducted by investigators, students, staff, and any others conducting research or using resources at Winona State University involving human subjects and that meet the definition of research must be reviewed by the Winona State Institutional Review Board (IRB).
  • All researchers who move an IRB approved survey from Survey Monkey or other survey tool to Qualtrics must get IRB approval for the study again, even if nothing changes in question wording, order of questions, flow of the survey, etc.
  • Users shall not use Qualtrics for Minnesota State defined highly restricted data.
  • Users may also be required to abide by policies for survey research established in your colleges, departments, organizations, programs, or units.

Other Resources

Qualtrics Main Page

For more information about Qualtrics usage and how to upgrade your account, go the the Qualtrics main page.