Restoring Your Microsoft Office Custom Dictionary on a PC

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This article lists the steps for restoring your Microsoft Office Custom Dictionary (custom.dic). This is important if you add words to your dictionary while you write to prevent applications like Word, PowerPoint, or Excel from detecting them as misspelled. Your custom dictionary can then be quickly restored if needed (e.g., following a laptop exchange).


  1. The custom.dic file is located in a hidden folder on your laptop. In order to see hidden folders, you need to enable that feature in Microsoft Windows. Select Start|My Computer. Select Tools|Folder Options. This opens the Folder Options window. Select the View tab. Under the heading Files and Folders - Hidden Files and Folders, select "Show hidden files and folders." Select Apply.
  2. Identify the location of your custom.dic file by opening Word and selecting File|Options|Proofing. Select the Custom Dictionaries button.
  3. Click on the Add button and locate your Custom Dictionary (i.e. CUSTOM.DIC) file from your external storage devices.

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