Scheduling media availability in MediaSpace

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Fig 1. Select Specific Time Frame to schedule recording

About this article

This article includes instructions for restricting access to MediaSpace recordings based on date and time. It is intended for all WSU students and employees.

Scheduling access to a recording

  1. Log into MediaSpace at with your StarID username and password. This will take you to your My Media page.
  2. Select the recording you want to schedule. This will take you to that recording's media page
  3. Select Edit from the Actions menu
  4. Select Specific Time Frame for the Publishing Schedule (Fig 1)
  5. Enter a start and/or end time
  6. Select Save


  • You don't need to specify both a start and and end time. For example, if you want a video to be available starting on a specific day and time and then remain accessible forever, just set the start time.
  • You can pick a date from a calendar by selecting the icon to the right of the date field.

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