Share Files as Email Attachment and OneDrive

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There are multiple ways files can be shared with others. This article describes how you can easily share files right from within Outlook as an Attachment.

Steps to Share a File as an Attachment

From Outlook open an email and click on the Include Paperclip icon, next Attach File.  Your most recent files show up in the list.  (Figure 1)

Attach File
Figure 1

Recent Items - File Locations

C:\Users\starid\..... This is your local hard drive, not syncd
Yourname’s OneDrive for Business>>personal>>starid_minnstate Cloud storage – last opened in OneDrive
C:\Users\starid\OneDrive – MNSCU\... Local location of syncd files to OneDrive
SharePoint – MNSCU>>Teams>>team name>>Shared Documents Located in Microsoft Team under Flles

If you choose to attach a document that is only stored on the local drive (not syncd), you only get the option to attach a copy of the document.  If you attach a document that is stored in the cloud or syncd, then you get the option to Share link or Attach as copy (Figure 2).  

Figure 2

Share Link

Once you click on Share link, the document will show up in the Attachment line with the default permission of Recipients can edit.  Use the down arrow to get to Change Permissions.  Here you change to View or Edit access, along with who can access.

Anyone Can… If the person forwards this email, that person would also be able to view/edit

Organization Can.. If the email is forwarded, only people in the MNSCU organization can view/edit

Recipients Can... If the email is forwarded, no one else can view/edit the document