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About this article

This article provides an overview of SoftChalk Create™, commonly referred to on campus as just SoftChalk, a Web page authoring tool that lets you create engaging, interactive learning modules for stand-alone use and for integration into your D2L courses. This article is intended for instructors and other online content creators.

What's SoftChalk?

WSU ITS covers the cost of a campus license of SoftChalk Create, a software application that you can install on your Mac or PC that helps you author interactive web-based learning content. Here are several major features and functions:

  • A what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) interface that allows you to build web pages without working at code-level

for creating web pages that inCreate is a softWith SoftChalk, it’s easy to engage your students because creating interactive content has never been easier. Within minutes you can create:

  • interactive learning games, including customizable flashcards, image labeling, image hotspot activities, matching games, crosswords and more.
  • six question types: multiple choice, multiple answer (more than one correct answer), short answer, true/false, matching, and ordering.
  • pop-up text annotations to define terminology, or enhance the interactivity of your lesson content.

Professional results

We know you don't have time to spend months developing your e-learning content, though you'd like the end-result to look as though you did. With LessonBuilder's built-in style sheets, you can choose a style design, page navigation and layout options, and more. Within minutes, LessonBuilder will generate a set of integrated lesson pages, with built-in navigation and a professional-looking layout.

Package for portability

LessonBuilder automatically packages your lesson for delivery via your LMS (Learning Management System), or via Internet, Intranet, or CD-ROM. Standard zip formats, as well as SCORM (1.2 and 2004) packaging formats are supported. Lesson Packaging ensures that your content is easily shared with colleagues and easily integrated into a variety of e-learning delivery systems.


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