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D2L Brightspace is Minnesota State's learning management system, available online to all students and employees. Brightspace course shells are created for every section of every course. Instructors can use their Brightspace courses to provide students with online access to class materials and activities. Brightspace can be used to support any course, regardless of delivery mode. Use your StarID credentials to sign in.

What's Brightspace?

D2L Brightspace is a learning management system (LMS), an integrated suite of web-based tools that helps instructors deliver online resources and activities to their students, who can access them anytime via a web browser or the D2L Brightspace Pulse app on their phones. At WSU, this tool is often called D2L. Technically, that's the company name, and Brightspace is the name of the product. WSU migrated to Brightspace from another LMS in January 2007. Today, most WSU instructors use Brightspace to support their courses each semester. WSU creates a Brightspace starter course or course shell for every section of every class offered every term. Class rosters are automatically loaded into every course shell and updated automatically based on official student records in our Integrated Student Record System (ISRS). Course shells are available as soon as the course is loaded into ISRS, typically several months before the start of the upcoming term. Using Brightspace, instructors can:

  • Publish course materials such as handouts, readings, links to external web resources, and multimedia in a well-organized table of contents available to students online through their web browsers on any of their networked devices.
  • Communicate with their students using built-in email, chat, announcement, and discussion tools.
  • Moderate online discussion forums that allow their students to interact with one another around course-related topics.
  • Provide feedback to their students using the built-in grade book, gather and comment on written assignments using online drop boxes, and deliver various high-stakes (e.g., exams) and low-stakes (e.g., practice quizzes, surveys) assessments online.
  • Monitor other student performance indicators (e.g., whether or not a student has accessed a particular activity or resource) and intervene as needed.
  • Copy course content and activities to other course shells and share them with other instructors.
  • Decide to integrate all or some of these features into their courses, many of which can be used immediately with little to no customization.

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WSU Technology Knowledge Base

This WSU Technology Knowledge Base wiki contains over 200 articles for instructors and students, with updated, detailed information about Brightspace features and functions. A list of all Brightspace articles

Minnesota State D2L Support Site

The Minnesota State Learning Technologies team maintains Brightspace documentation for all students, faculty, and staff in their D2L Support Site. You must be signed in using your StarID credentials to access this site.

D2L Brightspace Community Site

D2L maintains a corporate Brightspace Community site that includes documentation and video tutorials. You do not need to register to access this information.

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