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Your Minnesota State StarID is the unique identifier used to access most WSU and Minnesota State online resources and services. Your StarID is composed of two letters, four numbers, and two letters (e.g. ab1234cd). Use your StarID as your username, along with a password of your choosing, for as long as you are a student or employee of any institution in the system. Your StarID never expires and remains associated with you for life.

Receiving your StarID

A new StarID is established for you by the Minnesota State system office when you become a student or are hired as a new employee.

  • Employees. Your StarID will be emailed to you by WSU Human Resources when your employment contract is finalized.
  • Students. Your StarID will be emailed to you by WSU Student Affairs when you are admitted to WSU.

Forgot your StarID?

If you misplaced or forgot your new StarID, you can retrieve it yourself using the Minnesota State StarID Self Service website:

  1. Browse to
  2. Select What is my StarID
  3. Supply one of the requested forms of identification
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions

Your StarID password

When you receive your new StarID username, you will receive instructions for setting your StarID password. While your StarID is not private information, your StarID password is private and known only to you. Do not reveal your StarID password to anyone. Use the following instructions to set or reset your StarID password:

Variations of your StarID username

Different systems and services require different variations of your StarID username. Fortunately, there are only three possibilities:

Username Variation Systems and Services That Require Variation  
StarID only (e.g., ab1234dc) WSU laptop, D2L Brightspace, MediaSpace, Zoom, eServices (employee) or (student) Microsoft 365, Flipgrid, WarriorSpace, My Warrior Life (employee) or (student), OneStop

Other Usernames and Passwords

The following systems and services require authentication but do not use StarID credentials. Most require a separate username and password of your choosing:

StarID username versus email address

While some variations of your StarID username resemble an email address, they are not your WSU email address. Most WSU email addresses have the following format:

  • (employees)
  • (students)

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