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--Ken Graetz (talk) 07:18, 12 October 2018 (CST) Problems

  • Update: Change references from "D2L" to "Brightspace"
  • Update: Use the TLT template when referring to TLT
  • Clarify: The "Failure to..." sentence does not make sense. There may be times when instructors want to regrade a specific student's attempt
  • Typo: Step 2 is not a proper sentence
  • Typo: Comma missing in Step 6 after view
  • Typo: Comma missing in Step 7 after changes
  • Update: The first screenshot on selecting Grade needs to be updated.
  • Add: What's the purpose of the Comment field? Who can see the comment?
  • Add: When regrading a multiple choice question with multiple correct answers or when adding partial credit to answers other than the original answer, instructors must go through this process multiple times. In other words, they must do this for every answer that results in any points, including the original correct answer.
  • Add: This article only covers regrading a question via upgrading all attempts. Add instructions for regrading a specific student's attempt.
  • Clarify: Does this regrading process change with different question types?
  • Update: Change D2L category to Brightspace