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  • Team Size: 1 student
  • Design a graphic of our mascot, Wazoo, positively using technology in some way.
  • Entry must follow the theme: "Culture of Caring: The Positive Impact of Technology".
    • You need to show us examples of this in your entries.
  • Entry must be created/edited on WSU laptop.
  • If using the color purple, the design must use the official WSU color (see Image Gallery and Color Information below).
  • The WSU Selection Committee reserves the right to disregard entries that are not entered according to guidelines or considered inappropriate.
  • Please take the time to check to be sure that your entry is submitted in the correct format.


  • File must be in a Vector format
    • Preferred: AI, EPS, PDF
    • Acceptable: PNG, SVG
  • File must fit in a canvas size (work area) of 2550 X 3300 pixels (8.5 X 11 in inches)
  • File must be 300 dpi
  • File must be in CMYK mode

Image Color Information

*WSU Purple


Hex #4B08A1 R: 75, G: 8, B: 161 C: 92%, M: 98%, Y: 0%, K: 0%